Principal Message

It is hard to think of a country where graduates of Khyber College of Dentistry have not made a mark. But a proud past is no guarantee of proud or relevant future. I, therefore, request all our graduates, friends and supporters across Pakistan and around the world that we all have a role to play in carrying KCD forward. 


We live in an era in which complex problems of profession, socioeconomic and culture require complex thinking. We should be ready to meet these challenges I am privileged to fulfill the role of Principal for Khyber College of Dentistry. The true leaders of a nation are those who train and inspire its youth. With that in mind, it is the vision of KCD to serve its students through a unique experience in learning, it is our duty to respond to the hopes and aspirations of each student, helping them grow in their quest to become productive contributors to society.

Overall, these are stimulating times for KCD, and we appreciate the confidence of students and parents as we strive to provide a quality experience for everyone associated with our institute. The aspirations we have for KCD are quite ambitious, and fulfilling those expectations will require the careful attention of the entire staff of KCD so that we can define a future even more powerful than our past.

Prof. Dr. Ghulam Rasool