Campus Facilities

Khyber College of Dentistry is located inside University Campus Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is one of the best dental colleges of the country. It also serves as a primary dental care hospital for Peshawar and tertiary dental care hospital for the whole of the province. Khyber College of Dentistry took a modest start in 1964 as a department of Khyber Medical College Peshawar. It was upgraded to the status of the college in 1990. From its inception till 2006 it was affiliated with University   of Peshawar. In 2007, Khyber Medical   University came into being and since then Khyber College of Dentistry is affiliated with it. The college is recognized permanently by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

  • Library

Khyber College of Dentistry has a small but one of the best libraries of its kind in the country. It has thousands of reference and textbooks and many journals, with a reasonable increase each month. The library is open for study during the college hours. It also issue books to the students and staff members.

  • Research and Development Cell (R&D Cell)

A director and two other members are nominated from amongst the faculty who are responsible for smooth running of the R&D Cell. Protocols of research papers are submitted to the R&D Cell and after being processed, the researcher is allowed to carry on. There are at least 14 computer workstations and a server with broadband connection.  All the national and international dental journals can be accessed online through Higher Education Commission Digital Library.

·         Transport

Khyber College of Dentistry shares hostel and transport facilities with Khyber   Medical College situated just across the road. The college has a separate hostel for girls located inside the premises.