Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

The four-year degree program of BDS meets the requirements of the   Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. It is a combination of hardcore   subjects of dentistry with medical and basic sciences. Clinical   training in the dental disciplines is imparted at the Khyber College of Dentistry which is equipped with modern facilities   in the field. The specifically designed program aims at exposing the   students to real life problems including radical art in clinical dental   practice. The students are provided with a solid foundation of basic    principles of medicine, diagnostics and surgical techniques to meet the    challenges of the future in the field of dentistry.

The Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS) curriculum is a 4 year course. At the end of the training a dental surgeon should be able to:


  • Make an accurate oral and dental diagnosis
  • Give local anesthetic
  • Perform an operation on the teeth and jaws
  • Take a good required X-ray
  • Deal with medicolegal cases
  • Look after the dental health of the community