Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Ground Floor:

It is called Minor Oral Surgery. Minor oral surgery has a vast waiting area, sterilization room, doctor washroom, public washroom and reception counter. In MOS there are 12 dental units. In MOS following procedures are performed.

1.      Simple Extraction of Teeth

2.      Surgical Extraction of Teeth

3.      Impacted Teeth

4.      Alveoplasty

5.      Mucocoele excision

6.      Apicectomy

7.      Incisional Biopsy

First Floor:

First Floor comprises of

a.      Maxillofacial OPD

It is also called surgery 1. Here trauma patients, firearm injury patients, carcinoma patients and medico legal patients are examined. It deals with all emergency patients, diagnosis and admission of serious patients.

b.      Conference Room

In this room case presentation, group discussions, case discussions, journal clubs and different seminars are conducted.

c.       Office of Head of Department

d.      Office of Professor of Surgery

e.       Office of Associate Professor of Surgery

f.       Office of Assistant Professor of Surgery

Second Floor:

a.      Office of In-charge Private Rooms

b.      Six private Rooms

c.       One VIP Room

d.      Tailor Room

e.       Nursing Room

Third Floor:

a.      Male Ward of 10 Beds

b.      Female Ward of 4 Beds

c.       ICU Ward of 3 Beds

d.      WMO Room

e.       Nursing Counter

f.       Nursing Room

g.      Dressing Room

2.      Fourth Floor:

OT (Operation Theater): it is very sensitive area. It is completely sterilized. It consists of 04 OT rooms, 02 anesthetist rooms, and surgeons changing room, scrub room, sterilizer room and recovery room.