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Literary Society-KCD Peshawar

Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar

  • Literary Society

    It’s a pleasure to pen a few words as prologue to our in-house magazine “Qindeel” and “Literary week activities”. It exclusively meant for churning out the latent capability of writing skill and communication talent as part of the overall personality development of the BDS-students as well as the faculty of the Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar. Grooming of students for their all-round development through education is our cherished motto. Today education means much more than merely acquiring professional knowledge. It is acquisition of knowledge and skills, building character and improving literary capability of our young talent as well as the future leadership.

    Every academic year, the college magazine, “Qindeel” is being published which is a truly literary& creative document of the talents of our students. It provides a panoramic view of the cultural, academic, sports and literary activities& achievements of the college during the academic year.





    Dr. Misri Khan

    Literary Chairman


    Behram Khan

    Literary Secretary


    Dr. Shakeel Anwar

    Staff Editor Urdu Society


    Dr. Akbar Khalil

    Staff Editor English Society


    Dr. Misri Khan

    Staff Editor Pashto Society


    Dr. Dila Baz Khan

    Staff Editor Scientific Society


    Dr. Imdadullah

    Staff Editor Seerat-U-Nabi


    Prof. Dr. M. Manzar Anwar Khan

    Staff Editor Activity Section